March 16, 2021

By Jeffrey Frankhouser, CEPA, MRFC, CEP

There Are Only Two Reasons Why You’re in Business For Yourself

The first is autonomy. Be you own boss, creating something, leave a legacy.

The second is building wealth. A retirement asset, pass it onto the family, give back to the community.

So, you’re your own boss, you’ve got that going for you. For most business owners, their time and energy are devoted to the day-to-day operations. In some cases, just keeping your head above water and paying the bills. Building wealth with your business takes a back seat when the value of your business is likely your only source of retirement income.

Most business owners fail to address the value of their business.

80% of businesses listed for sale today will not sell (Exit Planning Institute Statistic) for what the owner expects. The business value, the owner’s blood, sweat & tears, he feels it’s worth is far short of it’s current or potential value.

For a no-cost and fair value appraisal of your business, check out the resources page at: www.Covenant-Business.com

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