April 16, 2021

by Jeffrey Frankhouser, CEPA, MRFC, CEP

In this 6-part series we will exam an overall business structure and it’s operations from a military perspective.  Your business operation, in many ways is and should be viewed as a military operation, the same components exist in both arenas.

We will be reviewing:

1) Fundamentals of the Operations Process, why are you in business and what is your objective

2) Planning, what is the objective and how do you plan to reach that point

3) Design, what are the guiding fundamentals you will be relying on

4) Preparation,what are the components of the business plan that will be needed

5) Execution, will cover excercising the business owner’s objectives in a orderly and timely manner

6) Assessment, review and discussions of the results of the planning verses the results attained

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