May 24, 2021

PART FIVE: Mission Command

by: Jeffrey Frankhouser

PROBLEM: You spend more time worrying about your IRA than the value of your business. Granted, your IRA is easier to watch since you get regular statements but having an annual business valuation can be expensive and time-consuming and frankly, not much fun for most owners.

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SOLUTION: Warren Buffett once said, “If you don’t know the value of your business, you’re operating blind.”

Most business owners fail to manage their business as an asset class. An asset class? Remember earlier we discussed there are only two reasons that you started this business, and one is for the money. If that’s the case, shouldn’t you spend some quality time watching it’s value on a regular basis? After all, your business is your nest egg and at some point, you will have to rely on your business’ value to fund your retirement.

At the very least, have your CPA/Accountant conduct an annual review for you. In that manner, you’ll at least know if you’re making progress in the right direction. If you need help with a business valuation, Covenant Business Planning & Solutions offers a no-cost valuation that you can do online confidentially. You will see a real time valuation and you can adjust your input to see how little adjustments can affect your business valuation.

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Covenant Business Planning & Solutions is here for you and your business.

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